Slow Fingertips On Soft Skin

Fotolia/Chris Tefme
Fotolia/Chris Tefme

The slow fingertips of one hand are sliding down your spine. Each tip is connecting to your soft skin with varied pressure, at varied points as they move toward your buttocks. They never reach your buttocks, choosing instead to slide over your hips. The other hand of slow fingertips is now sliding in unison from your hips, up your tender sides, then up further. Meeting at your clavicle, a single fingertip from each hand is stroking down that ticklish bone, connecting in the soft hollow of your throat. Both hands spread, like wide brushes, they draw down your décolletage until the tips are touching more flesh than bone. The hands cup and follow the soft curve of your breasts, slipping underneath and up, between. The fingertips followed the same path back, sliding up to cover your breasts. Your nipples feel hard against the soft palms. You press yourself into the palms, sliding your own hands up to cover and squeeze. The slow fingers drift from your embrace and slide down your abdomen, then around your hips. Around and down the curve of your buttocks. The fingers stiffen, scraping their nails up your buttocks, up your back. Then plunging, the fingernails scrape over your hips and down the front of your thighs. A knee nudges your legs apart without much effort. One hand of slow fingertips is slipping around your side, followed by an arm that pulls you close, pressing their skin to yours. Tender teeth are nibbling the edge of your ear to your lobe as the other hand slides higher and higher up your inner thigh. The slow fingers are softly touching the tips of your pubic hair, tickling and teasing. The hand is softly fingering the shape and folds of your swelling labia. When a drop of moisture wets the longest finger, it follows the moisture to the source, sliding deep inside your hot wet center. The fingertips draw your moisture up, spreading your lips, spreading your slick to your clit. You press against the fingers and they press back. And slowly, they begin to rub you. Sometimes skittering down your labia, digging into and drawing more moisture to the top where the intensity and speed of rubbing is ramping up. You are pinching your nipples now, squeezing your breasts hard, up. Hot breath and soft lips are lavishing your neck. You slide a hand down and press it atop the swirling stroking fingers to let them know that teasing is done and the time to come is at hand. The hand delivers, rubbing your hard slippery clit to a crushing orgasm, weakening your knees. The hands catch you and guide you to the floor where the soft lips from your neck connect with you labia, sucking a second orgasm from your loins.


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