Smoke & Shutter w/ Audio

Joyous jubilation
Jumping up and down
Drunk on possibility and
The promise of your lips
Lost in love I can’t suppress
Can’t repress, nor wash away.

Baby it’s hard, so damn hard
To know, all the knows, I know of you
Without gettin what I’m wantin right now.

I gotta gitcha. I gotta lick ya.
I’m gonna take you and slake
Every little lingering hunger and
The thirst that wakes me at night.

I stare at the moon and swoon
Put on a record and groove.
My humble flesh on fire
Writhing to the rhythm of your soul.
I ain’t mired in pain.
I’m aflame.
Burning through the night.

Closer, closer baby we speed
Toward each other like rockets
On a collision course.

Gonna burn you down baby.
Gonna build you up baby.
Gonna leave maybe behind
And grind your bones
Till they smoke and shudder
And you utter that moan,
That guttural rapturous elation.

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