Steamed Linens

Lena entered the backroom door without knocking. She slunk inside. It was a small room with brick walls. High open windows on the left and right. Shelves lined the walls filled with folded linens. Stacked cordwood ran along the back wall. In the center of the room stood a wood-fired press that spewed steam in a whistling sheet when the heavy top lowered. Behind the steel and steam stood a shirtless man of black hair and grey eyes. His skin glistened with sweat. He never spoke. He never smiled. Lena removed her clothes as she always did. Folded them neatly on the shelf. She stood very still. The press puffed. He filled the fire and the boiler. Whap! Whap! closed the windows. Steam swirled around Lena. The shirtless man swirled around her. His grey eyes moving slowly up and down her glowing skin. A drop rolled from her hairline down her temple. His tongue met it at her check, licking up. Drops of perspiration formed above her lip. His tongue found it, brushing her lips. His tongue licked beneath her breasts, beneath her arms, between her breasts. He watched sweat roll down her spine and between her buttocks. His tongue dug between then licked back up her spine with a broad flat tongue. The room was thick. Her body glistened, giving his tongue license to bathe her nipples. Sweat rolled down her inner thighs. His tongue licked it all, to its source. Creak, Creak, the windows opened and the room cleared.

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