Strawberries and Skinnydipping

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Ding, Ding! Sam scuffled into the farm supply store wearing only boots and old bib overalls. Ginny pretended she was still deciding between gardening gloves but her eyes hadn’t left Sam’s strong shoulders, his thick biceps, his golden skin, and as he walked she was delighted to see flashes of his tight abs behind the bibs. He bought the shearing pins he’d come for and hurried toward the door. Suddenly he stopped, peering toward the back of the store.

“Ginny? Ginny, is that you?”

“Hey Sam,” she said, a little embarrassed to have been caught staring at him.

“Home from college?”

“Yeah, how’s farming?”

“It’s haying season,” he shrugged. “Hey, I gotta go. Good to see you though. Let’s talk next week. I want to hear about the big city.”

She nodded enthusiastically. He smiled and walked away.

“Strawberries!” she yelled.


“Meet me at the strawberry patch!”

He smiled wide and nodded, then Ding, Ding! he was gone. She blew out a long slow breath, fanning herself. Ginny took her pair of speckled gloves to the register.

“Just the gloves Ginny?” asked Ed.

“No, give me one of those ice waters, please.”

She rolled the wet bottle down her neck and into her cleavage then took a long cold drink.


Ginny was busy, but not too busy picking strawberries to notice Sam clunking down the path. He had jeans on, a t-shirt, and a faded ball cap.

“You came,” she said, smiling.

“Said I would.”

They got to the business of picking.

“That’s a nice dress, Gin.”

“It’s from the Big City,” she said, smiling out from her large hat.

“It’s very pretty,” he said, touching the fabric of her simple spotted sundress.

Sam’s eyes lingered, looking down her collar. He could see all the way down. Her clean white bra barely contained her soft scoops of sherbet as they gently jiggled with every berry plucked.

“Thank you,” she said.

The little muscles in his arms rolled gently as he worked. She wanted so badly to touch his skin and feel his muscles move beneath.

“How many are we going to pick today?”

“Just enough for a pie.”

“I can’t wait to taste your pie,” he said.

He blushed clear to his ears.

“Y-your strawberry pie.”

“I can’t wait either,” she giggled, winking at him.

She then offered him a bite of berry where her mouth had just been. He bit, never taking his eyes off of hers. She finished the berry, staring back at him. Suddenly it was too hot to be wearing a dress. She stood and pulled it over her head. Standing in front of him, her ears began to throb. He was still squatting, his mouth open. He swallowed and stood. He smiled confidently and kicked off his boots. He popped open his jeans and pulled them off. He pulled his shirt over his head and stood before her. She moaned smiling warmly at him, reaching back to unlatch her bra. She paused, coy, before revealing her breasts. The bulge in his briefs was barely contained. She dropped the bra and stood proud before him. He put his hand over his heart, shaking his head. She bit her bottom lip, smiling at him. Together, they lowered their underwear. Now, she was the one clutching her chest. His cock was shapely and thick, like the rest of him.

Ginny grabbed Sam’s hand and ran down the hill to the pond. They raced down the rickety dock with the sunken boat still attached and jumped off of the end. They met again in the deep center. They treaded water for a while looking at each other. He watched her breasts rise slightly and fall back into the water with every breath. She watched the water roll over his strong shoulders and down his sculpted chest. Suddenly she shrieked and lept toward him.

“What? What?” he yelled.

“Something touched my leg.”

“Just a fish Gin, just a fish,” he said, touching her face.

She hadn’t realized that she had jumped into his arms. His very strong arms. She stroked the smooth skin of his chest. Her arm was hooked around his neck. His hand gentle but firm on her side. It was warm and strong and just beside her breast. She twisted in his arms, filling his hand with her soft flesh. Tipping her face to his, their soft lips touched and slid together. She wrapped her legs around his trunk. They sank a little but without breaking the kiss, his strong legs dug deeper, lifting them up above the surface. Without realizing what she was doing, she began sliding her vulva up and down his side. Feeling his rippling abdominal muscles pulse against her. She held her breath as she felt his hand slide down her body and between her thighs. He didn’t offer technique, just a clockwise rub atop her clit but his hand was unwaveringly consistent. She came, breathing hot onto his throat, gripping his body. She offered him a deep kiss before nestling into his neck. Sam leaned back and floated them to the shore. Ginny smiled, listening to his pounding heart.

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