Strip Bowlin’

untitled-5769Strip Bowlin’

What You Need To Play:

  • A Private Bowling Alley
  • A Willing Partner

Rules Of Play:

  1. Each player bowls two balls (unless it is a strike, then only one ball is thrown).
  2. The low scorer from each frame removes an article of clothing in a sexy way in front of the frame winner.
  3. They players continue bowling until someone is naked.
  4. The frames are totaled for each player. The highest score wins. (In the case of a tie, each player throws two more balls and the high score wins but both are naked and distracting the other with their body is strongly encouraged).
  5. The overall winner gets to choose where in the bowling alley they will start having sex AND gets to ask their lover for whatever sexy, naughty, kinky little thing they want from their partner.
  6. Put the balls down and get ballin’.

See you on the lanes!

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