Stroking in Stack HQ31-64


Friday night on the fourth floor, periodicals. There was no one to help, nothing to do, so I made a run to the first floor, hoping for some reshelving. I found a copy of Der Spiegel with a nearly nude model on the cover and by the time I reached the second floor, I was ready to rub one out in the restroom. Then I remembered that HQ31-64 – Sexual Instruction was also on the second floor. There was bound to be jack-off fodder in those stacks. The selection was old and academic, which was to be expected at a college library. The Kama Sutra made for fun reading but didn’t really do it for me. There were lots of tits, everywhere tits, and really nice line drawings of people engaged in coitus. My hand had been down my jeans the entire time squeezing mostly and sliding pre-cum around the tip of my cock. My erection had grown uncomfortably large and it was time to take it to the restroom. I needed something more though. A powerful image. Maybe something a little nasty to really make me cum. I found it. Tucked at the back of the bottom shelf was a little yellow soft-cover. Inside were black and white photos of people from the 1970s going to town on each other. She was getting her throat fucked. He was getting his ass fingered. Then there it was, my image, my focus. A full-page close-up of a pussy with the most pubic hair I had ever seen. It had an afro and thick black sideburns. I was totally into it. I wanted to run my fingers through that luscious full hair and bury my face in that magnificent muff. I could feel my throbbing hard cock sliding into that hot wet hairy pussy. I felt like an animal coming upon a female in heat, her vulva dripping with need and I would fill her, fuck her deep and fast, again and again and again until spent, we collapsed. I ran to the restroom and barely made it into a stall before my cock was out and fucking my hand. A few hard pumps and I came, spraying semen on the fresh-waxed floor.

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