She spoke his name softly,

Whispered it in his ear from afar.

His brain became vapor clouds

Thick and billowy, painfully filling his head.

Quickly, the impossible work began,

Condensing his brain from vapor

In a desperate attempt to brace

Against her soft blown breeze

That whipped his cloudy mind.

Drop by drop the vapor pooled.

There was something hot in the fluid

Something sweet, something sour

He paid it no mind, continuing.

When his lovely lobed mass was whole

He hit reset and sparked it back to life.

There he saw his error.

She was ingrained into the shape of his matter.

She was infused in the fluid between and within.

She rode on every spark that arced across his brain.

There was no hope of extricating her

So he surrendered.

Let the intense pleasure of her presence consume him.

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