Sucking Joyous Juice

Your breasts are a little less in the morning half-light

Your muscles are lean, sliding beneath thinned skin

Yesterday covered by voluptuous flesh that stretched

Your skin into curves and plump planes that

Inspire lusty creatures to feast upon you. And I did.

God, I did.

I mouthed every mounded rounded randy curve

Of you and sucked the joyous juice from your flesh

Leaving nothing but your bones, skin, and sinew.

Rest, rest now my Dear

Fill your belly and body with water and wheat

Meat and cheese, whatever pleases your palate

Don’t skimp, don’t skip, just dip your finger

In whatever you wish and nurse yourself back

To health, but know

When your skin swells with a succulent glow,

I will return to mouth your mounds again

And suck the joyous juice from your flesh.

3 thoughts on “Sucking Joyous Juice

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  2. Thank you. It’s so fascinating to me that a person’s body can seem fuller simply because you lust for them but in moments of satiation, short as they be, their body seems thin. But then swells again in your mind when your appetite returns.

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