Sucking Soiled Panties


Will opened his suitcase in his hotel room. There atop his folded clothes was a package wrapped with tissue paper, tied with a satin ribbon. He carefully unwrapped the package. Inside he found pair of white panties neatly folded and a letter handwritten on quality cream-colored stationary. The contents of the letter were thus:

My Dearest William,

I cannot begin to tell you how much I am already missing you. We’ve just made love and watching your strong chest rise and fall, asleep, fills me with such sadness for the week to come. A week without you.

I have enclosed those little white panties you like. They never see much wear as you strip them from me as soon as they come into view. I’ve hid them from you these last couple of days, wearing them only at work and during workouts. I didn’t wash yesterday and I didn’t push my workout too hard so as to not soak them with sour sweat. They smell sweet and peppery. I hope the scents please you. There is some light yellow streaking. I hope the sight of my soiled panties makes you hard. It’s all from you, you know. The thought of you holding my panties to your face, your strong hand stroking your beautiful cock, has kept me permanently moist. There is a bit of stiffness where my pussy meets the cotton. I must admit I had the occasion to come in these panties, my fingers working quickly beneath my desk. I wish you had been there (You WERE there, your fingers deep inside me).

I do not wish to receive a sext, a breathy phone call, a skype. I do not want any electronics touching your body. Press my panties to your face. Breath me in. Let your hot breath warm them and let each wafted scent fill you with warmth for me. I want only my panties touching your skin and your strong stroking hand. When you are about to cum I very much hope you draw the stiff crotch of my panties into your hot mouth and suck the stiffness out of them.

The trunks you wore today smell of you. I love the musky scent your sack leaves. It’s fresh but deeply manly. The top of the cup is streaked and spotted with dried pre-cum. It’s like a painting of your desire for me. Was that from seeing me in my new tight dress? Or was it when I slowly stroked your thigh during dessert? I am certain, whispering in your ear, “I am going to lick your cock like a lollipop,” has left its mark here. I’ll be sucking on these tonight.

All Yours,


When Will’s breathing has calmed, he wiped the dripping cum from his naked body with a warm washcloth. Then giving them one last suck, pulled her wet panties from his mouth.

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