Sun Burst Kiss

The sun is lowering in the sky

Making golden the ale in my glass

And the curls atop your head a halo.

Chicken grilled on wooden skewers 

Have scented the air with oil and herb

And left burnt bits on your shiny lips

That are washed away with foam

Every time you take a sip of beer.

You smile at me over the rim

Knowing I am waiting to watch

You suck foam from your upper lip.

You exaggerate the lick and tease me

Before switching to your bottom lip.

You let that lip roll slowly from your teeth

And I nearly choke, which makes you laugh.

When I stop coughing and you stop laughing

You lean across the table and kiss me,

And kiss me.

The setting sun bursts between our

Mouths when we part and I am blinded but

I can still feel your breath on my tongue.

Taking your head in my hand

I pull your mouth back onto mine 

And suck the sun from your lips.

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