Sweat To Slick

Hanging from a sapling

Bareassed and bent in half

Like a C-shaped windsurfer,

She moaned. Let loose

A thumb-thick stream of urine

That shot from her vulva

Like a spouting silver dick.

The stream slowed to a dribble,

Wiggling her ass, she moaned again

In relief, then slapped me for staring.

Walking was a little difficult

With warmth in my shorts,

That swelled to a thickness

I couldn’t deny nor overcome.

We crested the dune, her tight butt

Flexing in front of me, a damp spot

Evident between her thighs.

When we stopped atop, breathless,

I offered her my water, watched a trickle,

Run down her chin, meet with the

Sheen on her chest and disappear

Into the cleft of her breasts.

I had seen enough.

I shoved my hand into her sweaty crotch

Groping with swift and nibble fingers.

She recoiled but came back when she saw

The throbbing shape of my cock,

Ready to burst free from my shorts.

When I had turned her sweat to slick

We slipped between the white pines.

Bending over a low branch, she slid

Her panties to her ankles and wiggled

Her ass against my dripping cock.

Slick we slapped together, humping

In the pine scented breeze

Overlooking the freshwater sea.

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