Fucking Stealthers

Hey Motherfucker!

So you think it’s ok to remove a condom during sex, without notice, without consent? 

Wrong, motherfucker!

So you think your pleasure is more important than another person’s rights? 

Oh, hell no! You’re one fucked up asshole! This isn’t normal. Don’t think for a moment that this is fucking acceptable. 

You see, you were granted conditional consent. Keep it wrapped, and you get that pussy. If you remove your rubber without her permission, you just raped!

You’re a rapist, bitch!

Aw, shit! Didn’t see that coming, did you? 

You are going to get arrested. You’re going to go to prison. 

Gee, I wonder if prison movies are like real prison? You better hope not, cause as a sex offender, you are going to get beat, and maybe raped, and raped, and raped. 

You’re an animal and you dehumanize your victims. 

Sex isn’t a game. It’s for real every time. 

Stop your stealthy shit, now! And get some counciling, you motherfucking sociopath. 

The Art Of The Cock: Week 2

untitled-5663This week, we find ourselves in a place of Formalism. There’s a dick there but from afar it’s just a bunch of colorful shapes on a black background.

The more dick pics I create, the more irritated I become by the attitude that they are unwanted, unappreciated, and gross. There are people who really believe that genitals are gross, ugly,  and smelly. That’s an opinion but it’s an immature opinion and fucking stupid. One is not entitled to one’s opinion if one’s opinion harms and alienates others. So, haters gonna hate but they gonna hate alone.

There is another group of people who don’t enjoy dick pics but I don’t think they have fundamental issues with dicks, nudity, and penis art. I think they have an aversion to bad art and up to this point dick picks have been presented in a way that is much closer to sexual assault than art. I am not saying every dick pic has to be a piece of art. I am saying we can all do better. Let’s not accept anything but a quality dick pic. I’d like to help get us there.

In terms of value to the average person, dick pics reside in that place far below the classic nude and just above an image you’d find in a cum-stained video booth. They are created and distributed by (primarily) drunk and (definitely) delusional “men” in their twenties who are absolutely certain that that chick they just met is dying to see their cock. Nope. Unless they ask for it by actually saying something like, “Hey, send me a pic of your hard cock,” then they don’t want to see your dick. (I realize that I am showing my age here. A request for a dick pic would probably look like this:[ 📷🍆😈?].)

Let me be very clear on this point. Don’t send dick picks to anyone who has not consented to receive them. When you send an unwanted dick pic, you are raping the receiver’s eyes! You may be thinking that I have been too harsh here, gross and over dramatic. “It’s just a dick pic. Shouldn’t we save the term rape for, you know, actual rape?” So, what is a rape? Rape is a sexually abusive act that forces a victim to endure a sexual act without consenting to be a part of that act. Rape can be as “subtle” as receiving an unwanted dick pic but no less serious than a violent attack. Rape is not defined by the violence of the act or the damage that it inflicts. Rape is defined by the lack of consent. Don’t be a rapist. Get consent. Are we clear?

The FBI’s definition of rape requires penetration, even slight penetration, so according to the FBI my definition isn’t rape. Guess what though? It’s criminal sexual harassment and indecent exposure all day long. You remember indecent exposure. That’s what flashers do. Flashing is a crime. It’s a misdemeanor in most places but in some U.S. states an indecent exposure conviction requires you to register as a sex offender for life. Oh shit! is right.  Inspired by a blog post by comedian Lynn Bixenspan I am starting an Anti Unsolicited Dick Pic Campaign. Details are forthcoming.

A quality dick pic should illustrate, inform, arouse, and entertain. It shouldn’t be funny but it can be playful. A penis is not a joke and shouldn’t be thought of as one. If you suspect that the possible receiver of your cock shot isn’t mature enough to receive it without embarrassed laughter and the obligatory share with their friends so they can all have good laugh at your perfectly wonderful cock’s expense, don’t send the cock. They don’t deserve your gift. A man or woman of any maturity will receive your quality dick pic with a delighted smile and a breathy moan. They want your cock and you’ve just shown them that you are ready to give it to them.

Stick with me friends. When we are finished, the exquisite curves of the cock will play in your mind with much delight and the dick pic will have found an honored place in your life

Technical Notes: The image was photographed using a iPhone 4s. The setting is a south facing bedroom. The camera was facing me as I faced the light source so I am fully lit and anything that is between me and the light, created strong shadows. It was late in the afternoon so the the light was coming directly into window but with a golden hue. The shadows were created by positioning myself behind a decorative fence. (Why I have a decorative fence in my bedroom is none of your business. ;)) I used Adobe Lightroom to pump up the color, open the shadows a bit and dim the highlights as well as  balancing the contrast while adding a bit of sharpness. It was cropped from the original image which had a distracting paint spot on the floor and a spot of fabric that drew the eye away from the focus of the image.

[I apologize for the dry skin in the photo. It has been remedied..twice.]