Audio: Molten Pussy

Molten Pussy by Eugene Noale

You better be wet when I’m ready
To suck your rich and rosy flesh.
I’m too damn hot to stop when I’m coming for you.
You know I’m hard when I’m coming for you.
Gonna dip my dick where lips and tongue tip
Have left you soaked and randy, writhing,
Wanting me, to fill and let spill my heat
In the sweet folds of your molten pussy.


Sterile Waters

Torrents of cum will flow.

Rivers and washouts,

Waterfalls and rivulets,

Will flood your body

Hot, and wet, and fragrant,

Soaking your skin

In the saline waters

That will not ebb

Until I’ve made your

Back arch, one more time.

Getcha Some Of This Flick

Girl, gimme them slippery kisses
From those lips I love to sip and savor.
Your flavor is divine and I got time to dine.

Your flesh is drippin for my kissin
Sippin lips and the way I sway
Your brain with my lovely licking tongue.

Come, getcha some of this flick.
Gonna stick it to ya quick, licking
Your clit with unrestricted vigor.

You shoulda figured I’d make you quiver
Shivering at my slivered surgical tongue.

Rung out, rang out, you peal
With appealing pleasured tones.

Moans of zeal squealing from me
As I reel, having made a meal out of you.

Hard & Sticky Sweet

I’m gonna crack you open

Like watermelon thrown hard

Then fill my mouth and fists with your flesh

Drinking your sweet water in gulps

As it bursts in my mouth with each bite.

I’m not gonna stop until I am drunk

On your sweetness and full to the brim,

Sticky, swollen, and euphoric.