One Chair – Two Asses

I’ll order us a pint
And pull that old oak
Chair from the back.
Sally don’t mind much
If we kiss a while
But she’ll toss us
When the pint runs dry.
Here’s two quarters.
Play that southern ballad
We kissed to when we were young.
But hurry back Baby
Cause I’m achin for some kissin
And you’re lookin good.

Shady Lady: Part 2

Whitney knelt on the bed next to Manolo and slowly ran her finger around his areola.
“I wasn’t expecting that,” said Whitney.
“You sat on my face and you weren’t expecting me to lick you?” asked Manny.
“No, I, I knew it would make you hot. I need you hot. I didn’t expect you to take care of me so, so well.”
“I love,” bouncing his eyebrows, “doing it.”
“I know you do,” she smiled.
Whitney moved her finger to his other nipple.
“It’s hard for you, isn’t it, to let go?”
“I’m no good at submission.”
“It’s not submission, baby. It’s relaxation. It’s accepting pleasure and just, just enjoying it without the thought of what, you know, you’re gonna do to me when I release you.”
“I like making you feel good.”
“See, that’s what I want to do to you. I want to make you feel so good,” she said. “Can you try baby. Can you try to relax for me and let me take care of you?”
“Ok,” he nodded.
“Well good!” she said perking up, “cause I’m going to torture your ass.”
Manny laughed. Whitney slid a blindfold over his eyes.
“Relax baby,” she breathed in his ear, “I’m gonna make you feel real good.”
Manolo shivered when Whitney’s lips brushed his ear. Her voice made his scalp tingle. Her soft lips slid from his ear, along his jaw, then dropped on his throat. He squirmed when he felt the wetness of her flicking tongue. She mouthed her way to his clavicle, where she sucked on his bones. He moaned and exposed more of his throat. She pounced on his tender skin, sucking the salt she found.
Whitney’s body slid atop his, never parting. Her breasts, silken nipples, soothed his pulsing skin as he swelled beneath her. Manolo’s body undulated at her touch. Waxing to meet the wet insistent suck of her mouth. Waning when racked by the rapturous pleasure that her hands viciously plied.
When, and only when, he pleaded, did her mouth meet his glistening cock. Then with her adept tongue, she slayed his tumultuous erection. Gulping hungrily as his heat filled her belly.

Shady Lady: Part 1

Whitney collapsed on Manolo’s chest, breathing heavy, still astride him.
“Whoo!” Whit said, “That was a good one!”
“Mm!” Manny moaned, squeezing her ass with a slap.
Whit popped up in bed like a squirrel and hopped off him.
“Gotta pee,” she said before grabbing her phone and scurrying to the bathroom.
JJ Grey and Mofro’s song “A Woman” came over the bluetooth speaker on the night stand.
“I love this song,” he said smiling.
“What’s that?” she asked, poking her head out of the bathroom.
“I love this song,” he smiled.
“I know,” she grinned. “You’ll like the next one too.”
Manny smiled.
The warmth of a wet wash cloth opened his eyes. She smiled, washing their sex off of his penis.
“Why you so good to me?”
“I like to keep my playthings well cared for.”
Manny smiled and shook his head.
Whitney crawled up his body. Smiling, she kissed him.
“Clank, Click, clickclickclick!”
“Whaa!?” asked Manny with wide eyes.
Before he really realized what was going on, Whit forced his other hand down and handcuffed it to the bed. She sat atop him naked, her dark hair down like a wild mane that spilled over her shoulders and breasts. She looked fucking gorgeous. She grinned, fucking triumphant. “Your Lady, She’s Shady” came on the speaker.
“Fucking shady,” he growled.
“Fuckin right,” she said, pursing her lips like a badass.
“Whe-Where did those cuffs even come from?” he asked, regaining some composure.
“Magic!” she said, twisting his nipple.
“Mm! I thought we were done,” he said.
Whit leaned down and traced the outline of his lips with her tongue, then whispered.
“We’re done when when I say we’re done.”
Whit slid her ass up his chest, then using the antique wrought iron bed frame, pulled herself up, her vulva hovering over his face. He began licking her immediately.
“That’s it baby. I love your sweet sweet tongue in me.”
Manolo had no intention of being sweet. He snaked his tongue up and down her labia in a zig-zag. At the top, he’d suck, sucking all the way down to her vagina. He was patient, slowly working her in this way, occasionally flicking across her clit hood to keep her interest peaked. Lactic acid builds and eventually she lost the strength in her arms and legs. Her vulva dropped for a couple seconds, filling his mouth, covering his face. He was ready. He tilted his head up and pushed her clit hood as far up as he could. Then he sucked. Not hard, but with a flat broad pressure that made her body melt even more. He sucked her clit in pulses, rubbing the tip with his tongue like undulating kelp. She slowly rocked against his face. The pulse of his suck sped up and so did his tongue, but always with a tenderness. The room fell silent except for the rattle of the bed as she white-knuckled toward an orgasm. He sucked hard, swallowing all of the spit in his mouth so he could lash her clit in a hard crazy-8 with his rough tongue. Guttural gasps erupted from her mouth. Soon it was too much, too much, too much and she tried to pull away but her legs were weak and his suck was strong, drawing her through the first orgasm, straight to the next. She didn’t find her strength. She collapsed backward on his body, her breasts rising and falling rapidly. Manolo giggled wickedly. She crawled to his face. Whit slapped him across the face then took his mouth, sucking his tongue painfully hard, then she slapped him again.
“You’re a bad man,” Whitney whispered.
“Fuckin right,” Manny growled, pursing his lips like a badass.

To Eat The Cock: Part 2

“MmmMm!” he hummed, “I sure do love a woman who knows what she wants.”
“Mmm yes,” she sang, “come here baby.”
He leaned in.
“And I love a man who can deliver,” she said, “Now Fuh!”
His cock interrupted her, filling her hot pussy with his wet cock.
“uh.uh.uh.uck Meeee,” she groaned.
She opened her eyes and admired the muscled shoulders hovering above her.
“I wanna touch you baby,” she whispered, “I wanna stroke you. I wanna squeeze that ass.”
He sucked her nipples and plunged ever deeper inside her.
“I’ll suck your dick if you let me go,” she breathed in his ear.
He stopped thrusting, grabbed her jaw, and stared into her eyes.
“You..will suck my dick…regardless,” he said in his richest baritone voice.
“Uhhh God! You make me so fucking hot,” she groaned while fighting her bonds.
She laid back and let him work but no sooner did she relax, he slid his hands up her arms and popped the velcro. He swept her up in a strong hug and slid her onto his lap, without losing penetration. Relishing the feel of her soft breasts against his chest, he whispered.
“I love you,” he said looking into her eyes.
“That’s terrible,” she smiled, shaking her head.
“I know,” he laughed.
“I love you,” she said, drawing a soft kiss from his lips, “But you gonna get fucked now!”
She pushed him onto the bed then commenced riding him so hard, so vigorously, the bed pulled away from the wall. He had no chance of holding his orgasm. No chance of picking his moment. She was on top and she was thundering toward release. He dug his nails into her hard working ass and licked the sweat from her tits. All he could do was squeeze her ass and gasp for breath between bellows, as she milked his cock over the edge.
They laid tangled together, his cum pooling beneath her ass.
“You ruined my plans to tie you up and torture you,  you know,” she said, “you owe me anal.”
“Hm,” he said, “I was thinking barbecue.”
“Mmm,” she said, “ok, barbecue then anal.”
He smiled, then pulling her close, kissed the top of her head.
“Absolutely,” he laughed.

Sanguine Lips

These purple circles I’ve drawn on your throat, with my sucking lips, burst hot and wet on my tongue, when I pierce your tender swollen skin. You slip your tongue inside me and offer your sanguine lips to my mouth. Round and red, I drink your lips with fervor, as to part your thighs. You offer what, warm and wet, lay between. There I feast until, in rapturous death throes, you collapse.

AUDIO: The Wicker Burned Beneath You

The Wicker Burned Beneath You by Eugene Noale

You came to me last night when the whir of traffic had calmed. I laid shirtless and sleepless on the wicker daybed. The porch still held the heat of the day, but the breeze was nice. You slid your breasts the length of my abdomen, up to where our nipples met. You dropped a tender kiss on my mouth but my thirst for you was too deep for one embrace. My hands held your face and strongly I sucked what moisture I found in your succulent lips. Your points pierced my chest. And the soft abundance of your breasts blurred my mind. Teeth replaced tongue and there was nothing left to do but consume you. Recumbent, you spread your thighs. The white of your dark eyes glowed in the moonlight. Soon the air around us trembled from the heat. The water of my tongue was never enough to quench your flesh. Each lick lit a new flame, building a fire that burned down your thighs and swirled like a maelstrom of molten steel in your belly. You punctuated the cricket song with pops of gasping breath, then the howl of a woman who’s been sucked a little too hard, a little too long, at exactly the right moment. And as you howled, the wicker burned beneath you. But quench the flame we did, with sweat shed as our skin slid slick and rhythmic together. The sometimes breeze cooled our sticky bellies. I fingered the shape of your breast and filled my head with your scent, unable to let you go. But the breeze took you anyway and sleep came for me.

A Memorable Nooner [Read by Author on Video]

Do you remember that afternoon we met back at the flat too hot for each other to sit in our cubicles and nibble ham sandwiches like every other day? Too hot to kiss immediately. We just stared at each other across the room, our chests heaving. When you touched me, I shivered, as did you when my fingers touched your face. It was quiet and bright in our bedroom. I slid my hands up your sides, pulling your shirt up and off. Your breasts swelled above your bra with every raged breath. You pulled my shirt over my head. We stood there still not kissing, nearly hyperventilating. I caressed your face with my knuckles. You trembled. The knuckles slid down your chest, down your belly. Grasping your pants by the waist I yanked you toward me. I tasted your tongue before our lips even touched and when they did our mouthes were hungry, hot and wet, sucking and devouring the other, unable to quench the thirst built in the moments we stood apart and wanting. After that there was no, “he did, she did.” We fucked. We fucked so hard, so deep, with such fucking intensity that when one came and then the other it sounded as if we were being tortured. We laid there breathless and wet, unable to speak. I bit your nipple and in your shriek there was throaty lust. I crawled to your pussy and licked you clean, making you cum and cum again as my sticky cock was washed by your warm tongue. We cleaned our hands but nothing else, returning to work rosy and reeking of sex.

After a pretty dry run recording this I went one more time and immediately screwed up but it was funny so I kept recording and it got funnier still so I kept recording. Then I pretty much nailed the reading, pretty much. So I give you A Memorable Nooner with Outtakes. 


The Salty Sting Of Jizz


The salty sting of jizz burned in his throat. He slurped from a sweaty can of lager then slid his tongue back inside her. Sucking his cream from her swollen red pussy.

Her tongue was in his mouth before he had wiped the cum from his chin. The taste of their cum together on his tongue made her moan. She sucked his chin, mouthing her way to his sticky dripping dick. She licked his cock clean, squeezing his last drops of jizz onto her tongue.

Sliding, slurping, up and down his shaft, she sucked him hard again. His nimble fingers had kept pussy purring, slicking his dick with the first downward plunge of her hips. He roared and dug his nails into her ass. She bit his nipple, drawing it out between her teeth.

Riding high, wet, and hot, she fucked him. Thighs sliding against his hips. Her tits slapped his eager face before she bit his bottom lip hard. Thrusting furious and deep he pushed her over the edge. Holding her tight to his body, she came, breathing and gasping into his mouth.

Afternoon Perk

Tap, tap, tap!

“Yes,” said he said.

“Mr. Johnson, It’s me Danna,” she said opening the door, “I brought you a little afternoon perk up.”

Ms. Jenkins wore a navy blue pencil skirt and matching pumps, a tailored white blouse, and her straight brown hair was swept up into a bun.

“Where would you like your coffee?” she asked.

“Oh, just here on my desk,” he said.

“There you go,” she said cheerfully, “would you like anything else before I go?”

“Well,” he said rolling out from under his desk, dressed in a suit only to the waist, except for underwear, “there is one other thing I would like.”

“Mr. Johnson! You are not wearing any pants.”

“I never do, when I work from home,” he smiled, “you know that Ms. Jenkins.”

“Do I?” she said. Her face suddenly coy.

“You’re not leaving.”

“Perhaps I’ve seen something I like.”

He slid his trunks off. His cock swelling to attention.

“Perhaps you have,” he smiled.

DoDoDoDo! An invitation to video chat popped up.

“Shit!” he said, “It’s my boss.”

He put on his headset and mouthed, “I’m sorry.”

She gave him an exaggerated pouty face but as he concentrated on his call, a smile grew on her lips. Just as he had connected to the video chat and right before he slid his chair in, she tucked herself between his thighs, under the desk. She didn’t know how long the call would be so she went right to work. His cock was harder than she’d seen it in a long time. She teased him at first, just licking the tip and watching it buck with pleasure. Her tongue swirled the head then slid down, then up, wetting his shaft. Her hand stroked rapidly, her mouth sucking his head. She couldn’t see his face but she could tell by his voice that he was struggling to stay focused on the chat. It was just a short call, an update on sales numbers, but she had gotten him within a few strokes of soaking her clean blouse with hot cum. The call ended. In one beautiful fluid movement, he pulled her up, pulled her skirt up and slammed her atop the desk. She wore no panties.

“You dirty fucking minx,” he breathed hot into her ear.

He slammed his fingers into her soaked pussy. She moaned, biting his ear, drawing blood. He wiped the blood from his ear and looked at in his hand.

“You’re going to get it,” he growled.

“Give it to me, Mr. Johnson, give it to me!”

His fingers never stopped fucking her as he mercilessly sucked her clit. And when she was right there, ready to cum, he slid his throbbing cock into her dripping pussy and pounded her into the wooden desk.

They lay breathless, his head on her chest.

“God, that was fucking hot!” he said.

“Yeah,” she breathed out, “good luck concentrating on work now.”

Liquored Up and Lubricated

Ben and Anne passed on the fourth polka in a row. Taking a breath behind the VFW hall. The Indian summer heat softened at dusk, creating a haze. The mercury lamps flickered on. Anne had gotten a tan in the four weeks they had been apart. Her skin looked smooth and healthy in her gauzy dress. They had held hands at the wedding and that seemed ok so they held hands again. No words passed between them. Only the occasional look and look away, sometimes with a smile. The mercury lamp behind the hall finally flickered on and continued flickering. Anne’s eyes stopped smiling. Tipping on her toes to give him a small kiss with a flash of tongue. She broke from him and backed against the peeling painted wall. The hem of her dress rose, showing her bare snatch. Wide-eyed he grinned and moved quickly toward her. The lamp flickered off for second, then back on. Anne was gone. Ben turned around.

Liquored up and lubricated she shoved him hard to the wall. Pushing his hand into her hot cunt. Sucking his lips with four weeks’ thirst and the fear that his fingers would never again fill her pussy. Fingers now deep and soaked inside her. She knelt and felt the thrill of his shaft gliding over her glistening lips. Ben swept her up in his muscled arms. Pressing Anne to the wall, he plunged. Legs and arms wrapped around him, they fucked under the flickering mercury lamp.