Of Two Minds

Dry, and oh so serious

Come on, let’s kiss a while

Terse, tight, defending rights

I want to taste your lovely smile

Brain drained, tired, mired

Wet my lips with juicy kisses

Making music from minutia

Throw away your tease ellipses

Sculpting social change from wood.

And kiss me, kiss me, kiss me good!

Draw You Deeper

I dream of kissing,

Deep and sweet,

Soft and wet,

Wanting, wanton,

Waiting, anticipating

That bit of tongue

Running inward

Toward my own.

I moan when we touch,

And suck

To draw you deeper.

One Chair – Two Asses

I’ll order us a pint
And pull that old oak
Chair from the back.
Sally don’t mind much
If we kiss a while
But she’ll toss us
When the pint runs dry.
Here’s two quarters.
Play that southern ballad
We kissed to when we were young.
But hurry back Baby
Cause I’m achin for some kissin
And you’re lookin good.

Audio: Nuzzled Blushed Peaches

Wouldn’t it be nice to kiss, and kiss, and kiss
With such tenderness to leave our lips feeling
Electric and tingling, touching like nuzzled
Blushed peaches softening into each other
Until we are dimpled, sweetly together.

Nuzzled Blushed Peaches by Eugene Noale

Bellies Full Of Happiness

Breathless, eyes bright and full of love,
We let light come between our mouths
Smiling in disbelief to be sharing air,
Lips still warm and wet from tender kisses
Impossibly soft, our tongues had entwined.

Our mouths tingled for another taste.
We charged back in with parted lips
And kissed and kissed and kissed
Until our bellies were full of happiness,
And our lips were chapped and swollen pink.

Tuesday Tanka: Kissing Tongue Tips

Plump pink papaya
Lips need kiss, kiss, kissing tongue
Tips and soft sucking.
My chest won’t drum when your tongue
Slips between my parted lips.

Audio Version: Melting In Deliberate Sensual Repose

Melting In Deliberate Sensual Repose

It’s the Week of Oral Pleasures and what better oral pleasure to describe than a good deep kiss.


Melting In Deliberate Sensual Repose

Kiss me with your lips parted.

Your tongue soft and warm waiting

To brush the lip that slips inside.

Sucking so softly on your upper lip

I release without a hissing sound

Sliding my tongue tip atop yours.

Soft lips and soft tongues merging,

Melting in deliberate sensual repose

Slowly drawing your moistened lips

Into my mouth to tenderly suck.

Cunnilingus Series: Tongue, Dripping From Her Come

His tongue, dripping from her come

Slithered up her warmed skin

Lashing her nipples, sucking her throat

Breathing warm sex-sodden breath onto her face

The scent of her vulva fresh on his skin

She sucked his lips like he had hers

Drawing him in, to be tenderly nibbled and licked