In A Darkened Office

Suddenly the world

Was your lips on my earlobe,

Warm breath on my skin,

When you backed me to the wall and whispered, “The answer to the question in your head is, ‘Whatever I want, with my fingers, my lips, the press of my hips.'”

The Lick List: Intro (When Addie Gets Fucked)

This is the second part of the first installment of my new series, The Lick List. The first part is HERE. The text that immediately follows in italics sets up the sex scene.


Then pulling her skirt up again she bent herself over her desk, assuming the position.

“God, you are a dirty dirty girl.”

“I’m so dirty,” she moaned biting her bottom lip. “What do you do with dirty girls?”

Sean sauntered up to her bare ass then smacked it hard.

“I fuck em,” Sean growled.


Sean kicked Addie’s legs further apart. He rubbed her warm vulva then pushed two fingers inside her. She was wet enough to take his cock but he hated to fuck without first tasting that sweet sweet pussy. He dropped to his knee and grabbing Addie by her hips. He buried his face in her arse and sucked as much of your labia into his mouth as he could, moaning as he sucked her. It took a couple a short strokes to get him fully inside but when his thickness had filled her she lowered her head, arched her back, and shuttered with pleasure. Just then Sarah buzzed the intercom.

“Yes Sarah?” breathed Addie.

Sean slapped her ass and fucked her hard three times. Addie had to cover her own mouth and bite the flesh of her hand to not moan into the telephone.

“The Provost’s office called to confirm your meeting here in 15 minutes. Should I reschedule?”

“No Sarah. Professor Barnes and I are nearly done here.”

“Ok, thanks Addison, ‘click’”

Sean’s thrusting had slowed to a stop.

“Addie?…” he exclaimed.

Addie craned her head back.

“Get..That..PU-SSY!” she growled.

Sean grinned then fucked Addie hard and fast until they had rattled all of the pens and papers and files off of her desk.

A creamy line of cum was hanging, perilously from her pussy. Sean flipped her onto her back on the desk licking the cum from her thigh, all the way up to her vulva. There wasn’t time for artistry so he pushed her mons up and taking her hard clit between her lips, sucked her off. Flicking and swirling with his tongue until she came, making her coffee cup rattle off the edge and crash on the floor.

Sean pulled Addie into his arms and kissed her with his soft wet lips.

“You have to go,” whispered Addie.

“I feel so used. So dirty,” he smiled.

“You are a very dirty boy. But not as dirty as me,” Addie grinned.

“I like that,” he said biting her lip.

“I know you do Baby. Now go!”

“Spaghetti, salad, and lots of wine tonight,” he said.

“Mm! And you for dessert,” she said. “See you tonight Babe.”

Sean winked and gave her a quick kiss. As soon as he was out of the door Addie opened the window, sprayed lavender oil, scooped the contents of her desk off of the floor and into a box, she cleaned herself up, slipped on a fresh pair of panties and had just sat down when the intercom buzzed.

“The Provost is here.”

Addie smiled.