Getcha Some Of This Flick

Girl, gimme them slippery kisses
From those lips I love to sip and savor.
Your flavor is divine and I got time to dine.

Your flesh is drippin for my kissin
Sippin lips and the way I sway
Your brain with my lovely licking tongue.

Come, getcha some of this flick.
Gonna stick it to ya quick, licking
Your clit with unrestricted vigor.

You shoulda figured I’d make you quiver
Shivering at my slivered surgical tongue.

Rung out, rang out, you peal
With appealing pleasured tones.

Moans of zeal squealing from me
As I reel, having made a meal out of you.

Audio: The Taste Of Me On You

So, Yeah, I just turned myself on with my voice. It’s happened before but never as I was recording. You’ll hear at the end of the recording when I am reading the moans and I really get into it. It felt real and it turned me on.

The Taste of Me on You was published on May 9, 2015, just a couple months after I started blogging. The language is a bit verbose and flowery so I did change one word in the reading to fit with how I write now. Also, vaginal lubrication can be creamy and it’s wonderful. I am finding that if the writing is at least ok, I can make anything sound sexy. I am really loving, thinking of these readings as performances.

I found this sweet spot where there is no road noise, just the ambient noise of the air conditioning. I don’t have my editing software here but the ambient noise is even so it doesn’t detract too badly. So this is raw audio in a small room, with my good microphone.

The Taste Of Me On You by Eugene Noale

Full Text HERE.

Shady Lady: Part 2

Whitney knelt on the bed next to Manolo and slowly ran her finger around his areola.
“I wasn’t expecting that,” said Whitney.
“You sat on my face and you weren’t expecting me to lick you?” asked Manny.
“No, I, I knew it would make you hot. I need you hot. I didn’t expect you to take care of me so, so well.”
“I love,” bouncing his eyebrows, “doing it.”
“I know you do,” she smiled.
Whitney moved her finger to his other nipple.
“It’s hard for you, isn’t it, to let go?”
“I’m no good at submission.”
“It’s not submission, baby. It’s relaxation. It’s accepting pleasure and just, just enjoying it without the thought of what, you know, you’re gonna do to me when I release you.”
“I like making you feel good.”
“See, that’s what I want to do to you. I want to make you feel so good,” she said. “Can you try baby. Can you try to relax for me and let me take care of you?”
“Ok,” he nodded.
“Well good!” she said perking up, “cause I’m going to torture your ass.”
Manny laughed. Whitney slid a blindfold over his eyes.
“Relax baby,” she breathed in his ear, “I’m gonna make you feel real good.”
Manolo shivered when Whitney’s lips brushed his ear. Her voice made his scalp tingle. Her soft lips slid from his ear, along his jaw, then dropped on his throat. He squirmed when he felt the wetness of her flicking tongue. She mouthed her way to his clavicle, where she sucked on his bones. He moaned and exposed more of his throat. She pounced on his tender skin, sucking the salt she found.
Whitney’s body slid atop his, never parting. Her breasts, silken nipples, soothed his pulsing skin as he swelled beneath her. Manolo’s body undulated at her touch. Waxing to meet the wet insistent suck of her mouth. Waning when racked by the rapturous pleasure that her hands viciously plied.
When, and only when, he pleaded, did her mouth meet his glistening cock. Then with her adept tongue, she slayed his tumultuous erection. Gulping hungrily as his heat filled her belly.

Shady Lady: Part 1

Whitney collapsed on Manolo’s chest, breathing heavy, still astride him.
“Whoo!” Whit said, “That was a good one!”
“Mm!” Manny moaned, squeezing her ass with a slap.
Whit popped up in bed like a squirrel and hopped off him.
“Gotta pee,” she said before grabbing her phone and scurrying to the bathroom.
JJ Grey and Mofro’s song “A Woman” came over the bluetooth speaker on the night stand.
“I love this song,” he said smiling.
“What’s that?” she asked, poking her head out of the bathroom.
“I love this song,” he smiled.
“I know,” she grinned. “You’ll like the next one too.”
Manny smiled.
The warmth of a wet wash cloth opened his eyes. She smiled, washing their sex off of his penis.
“Why you so good to me?”
“I like to keep my playthings well cared for.”
Manny smiled and shook his head.
Whitney crawled up his body. Smiling, she kissed him.
“Clank, Click, clickclickclick!”
“Whaa!?” asked Manny with wide eyes.
Before he really realized what was going on, Whit forced his other hand down and handcuffed it to the bed. She sat atop him naked, her dark hair down like a wild mane that spilled over her shoulders and breasts. She looked fucking gorgeous. She grinned, fucking triumphant. “Your Lady, She’s Shady” came on the speaker.
“Fucking shady,” he growled.
“Fuckin right,” she said, pursing her lips like a badass.
“Whe-Where did those cuffs even come from?” he asked, regaining some composure.
“Magic!” she said, twisting his nipple.
“Mm! I thought we were done,” he said.
Whit leaned down and traced the outline of his lips with her tongue, then whispered.
“We’re done when when I say we’re done.”
Whit slid her ass up his chest, then using the antique wrought iron bed frame, pulled herself up, her vulva hovering over his face. He began licking her immediately.
“That’s it baby. I love your sweet sweet tongue in me.”
Manolo had no intention of being sweet. He snaked his tongue up and down her labia in a zig-zag. At the top, he’d suck, sucking all the way down to her vagina. He was patient, slowly working her in this way, occasionally flicking across her clit hood to keep her interest peaked. Lactic acid builds and eventually she lost the strength in her arms and legs. Her vulva dropped for a couple seconds, filling his mouth, covering his face. He was ready. He tilted his head up and pushed her clit hood as far up as he could. Then he sucked. Not hard, but with a flat broad pressure that made her body melt even more. He sucked her clit in pulses, rubbing the tip with his tongue like undulating kelp. She slowly rocked against his face. The pulse of his suck sped up and so did his tongue, but always with a tenderness. The room fell silent except for the rattle of the bed as she white-knuckled toward an orgasm. He sucked hard, swallowing all of the spit in his mouth so he could lash her clit in a hard crazy-8 with his rough tongue. Guttural gasps erupted from her mouth. Soon it was too much, too much, too much and she tried to pull away but her legs were weak and his suck was strong, drawing her through the first orgasm, straight to the next. She didn’t find her strength. She collapsed backward on his body, her breasts rising and falling rapidly. Manolo giggled wickedly. She crawled to his face. Whit slapped him across the face then took his mouth, sucking his tongue painfully hard, then she slapped him again.
“You’re a bad man,” Whitney whispered.
“Fuckin right,” Manny growled, pursing his lips like a badass.

To Eat The Cock: Part 1

“Knock, Knock,” his knuckles rapped on the hotel room door.
“Who’s there?” she asked, sweetly, inside.
“Why’d the chicken cross the road?” he asked.
She opened the door wearing a tight t-shirt and nothing else.
“To eat the cock,” she smiled, pulling him, by the shirt, into the room.
She pushed her open mouth onto his and backed him against the wall. She forced her hand into his jeans, squeezing his firming cock. She slunk down his body, tonguing toward his package. She unwrapped it and promptly stuffed it in her mouth.
“We really have to stop meeting like this,” he breathed out.
“Shut the fuck up!” she growled, then sucked his cock too damn hard.
He tossed his head back in a silent moan, squeezing her scalp with his strong hand. Before she knew he’d recovered, she was on the the bed, spread, with a snaking tongue rubbing hard on her clit. His tongue was insatiable, sucking great mouthfuls of her flesh in, drinking her pussy in slurping gulps. She fell silent, chasing that orgasm.
“Fuck no, you don’t,” he growled, stuffing two slick fingers inside her.
He beckoned her g-spot to come out and play. Play it did, pushing a tortured low moan from her mouth like a gramophone winding up. He gripped her ass with the other hand and held on. Fingering, he flicked her clit with his incessant tongue. She sang. Warbling from an alto to a soprano as she clawed at the bed and twisted her body in arched contorted torture. He didn’t play her untill she was spent, like he liked to do. He had other plans. She was strapped into the velcro wrist cuffs so quickly, she didn’t have time to object.
“These are for you,” she hissed.
He grinned and bounced his eyebrows.
“I’ll take my turn,” he said softly. “First though, there’s this.”
Warm breath moved across the flushed and sensitized skin of her décolletage. There was no clear path, just a meander, following the shape of her swelling breasts as she writhed, more intoxicated by the minute. He hovered over her nipple, breathing hot moist breath on it. She panted and arched her back to try to fill his mouth. Her hard tip touched his wet tongue. She shuttered. Squeezing the other breast in his big hand he sucked her nipple to his throat then let the weight of her flesh pull her nipple through his tender teeth. Flicking the tip as it slid from his mouth. She’d screamed when he took her breast. The scream turned to sharp whines when his teeth came into play. He paused. Her eyes flickered open.
“Fuck me,” she commanded, “Fuck me and don’t fucking stop. cunt.”

Sanguine Lips

These purple circles I’ve drawn on your throat, with my sucking lips, burst hot and wet on my tongue, when I pierce your tender swollen skin. You slip your tongue inside me and offer your sanguine lips to my mouth. Round and red, I drink your lips with fervor, as to part your thighs. You offer what, warm and wet, lay between. There I feast until, in rapturous death throes, you collapse.

6 Word Erotica

Popped buttons. Scratched back. Throaty moan.

Anniversary diamonds. Dinner, dancing. Sixty-Nine.

Drive-In. Beer. Cum soaked panties. 

Apiarist with honey glut. Sticky sheets.

BBQ covered fingers sucked. Still sucking.

Whisker burn. Whiskey burns. Going down. 

In Your Mouth

I love when I fill your mouth with thrusts and urgent tongue

But when you fill your throat with my erotic verse

Then roll my heated words across your tongue

Whispering what I wrote for you into my throbbing

Ear, as if you had written it for me,

I am penetrated

Lost for words

Lost for good

Wet and ready to fill you again.