My veins ache

To my fingertips,


Robbing me of sense.

Come, fill me,

Inject your sex.

Intense and wondrous

Wet, make me whole.

Sinful Sunday
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What do I want from a lover?

I want you to miss me.

I want you to kiss me,

like you mean it.

I want you to fuck me so well and so often that the taste of you never fully leaves my mouth and your scent lingers like a secret tattoo, adorning my body.

All I Got Is Dick


I’ve been trying to write something poignant, intelligent, witty, and hopefully soothing but at the end of the day there is nothing I can offer right now that would be better than a photo of my sweet sweet cock. So here it is, nearly a week after my vasectomy. The bruising and swelling has gone down and the erections are constant. Or at least they were until I went to the restroom earlier and took care of some business. And by business I mean careful masturbation followed by an excessively sloppy ejaculation. It felt great and everything still works the same. My semen smells, looks, and tastes the same as it did. I am excited to get back to sex. A few months from now, after I cum in a cup and am subsequently proved to be sterile, I am going to get so nasty. And by nasty, I really just mean unprotected sex with a trusted partner and the occasional pearl necklace. But you never know. This really opens me up to experimentation.

I have one regret about this situation. I shaved way too much.. And everything is itchy now. Ahhhh!


Washroom Farewell – The Art Of The Cock: Week 52

A year ago I thought it was a good idea to send a dickpic into the world, like so many assholes before me. I had hoped a photo of my dick and the 52 or so versions that followed would start a conversation. I wasn’t sure what the conversation would be but I was sure people would have something to say. My dick has been received incredibly well and we had some good conversations. You have all been so supportive. I have made so many new connections and friends while viewing and discussing images of my cock. There is something particularly wonderful about that.

The wealth of dickpic positivity and discourse doesn’t extend beyond this community. Unsolicited dickpics are still pervasive and need to stop. Not only because it’s a shitty and illegal thing to do to un unsuspecting person, but it puts a stink on all dickpics. There are a lot of sexy sexy people who would love to text each other naked pics, if only they could get over the stigma of the unsolicited dickpic. The penis in general gets called ugly on the daily. That’s some bullshit right there but that’s a discussion for another time.

It’s time to move on from The Art Of The Cock, perhaps to publish a book of penis art, perhaps to advocacy, perhaps to education, but it’s for damn sure that I will continue to spread the word that dick is a great thing and dickpics are wonderful things and if you got consent, and a fully charged smartphone, find the good light, cause your dick is ready for its closeup.

Thank you!


Squeezed Buns


I absolutely could not replicate the ass photo that was created by the masterful cleareyedgirl, so I played to my strengths. I’m adept in the kitchen and my hands are good with voluptuous mounds. The result is a pair of well squeezed buns.

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Sinful Sunday

Woolly Breast


Last week for Sinful Sunday both Eye and I bared our nipples. She showed her whole breast in a stylized image that was restrained in color where as mine was restrained in flesh but full color. She challenged me to create my version of her image. You can find her original image HERE.

Now, I’m not saying my image and hers are siblings but there is definitely some family resemblance, stylistically, especially the hand position. Right now, open her image in a separate window and look at them side by side. She should be on the right. You might get a little tickle in your brain because it wants these two breasts to be one chest despite overwhelming evidence that they are not from the same body.

One thing I didn’t intend but absolutely love about this image, is the contrast in tone between my weathered tanned hand and my pale smooth skin. My favorite part of the image though, are the little shadows beneath the pinkie and ring fingers that indicate that they are tenderly pressing into soft skin. This isn’t just an image of a dude squeezing his tit. In some very accessible ways, this is an image of two men who love each other very much.

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Sinful Sunday