Healing Fiction

Quite serendipitously, I picked up a copy of Thomas Moore’s, The Soul Of Sex, in my nineteenth year. His ideas on soul changed the way I saw the world. He introduced me to his mentor, James Hillman, author of Healing Fiction, and James further guided me in building my adult life. They are archetypal psychologists, story tellers who are filled with poetry. 

These men posit that psychological distress can be helped by asking the soul what it wants. By telling the narrative of our soul, we honor its complexity. Many times what the soul wants, isn’t our reality, or is a reality neglected and forgotten. It is then our charge to enact the soul’s myths in our lives. 

I was a shadow of who I wanted to be and who I once was when I created Eugene Noale. Eugene knew he was a sexy motherfucker, an artist, and a leader. He told the stories that, two years later, have become my reality. My name is Joshua Eugene. It is no longer Eugene and me. We are one whole man. 

A whole man is a strong man and a strong man leads. 

I am building a web-based business, with the purpose of showcasing and licensing quality erotic art. My website is a safe space where erotic artists are protected, respected, and paid fairly.

“We believe ALL art is essential.

We believe ALL human bodies are beautiful.

We believe ALL consensual sex between adults is good and necessary.

We LOVE connecting sex-positive and body-positive creators, with companies who believe what we believe.

We license Sensual Pictures with Positive Purpose.”

Please contact me at eugenenoale@gmail.com with questions. I’ll be making a call for contributors in the coming months but feel free to send me links to work or a portfolio you’d like considered for the website,  in the mean time.