Strip The Spotted Sheets

Let’s strip the soiled sheets from this still-hot bed

Twisted and creased, spotted and streaked with semen

There at the foot where I crouched dripping dappled drops

Of pre-cum, while sliding my warm tongue through your slit

There on your pillow, the necklace I gifted, thrusting between

Your luscious lubricated breasts, left perfect pearls

There and there and there where we laid spent together

Letting my warm water run from your swollen labia

Throw open the curtains, the windows, the bed

In this dark room where sex has been

Let the sun warm the wooden floor

Let the breeze sweep away the scent of lust

Let the lilacs, fragrant and sweet, fill the room







Let The Neighbors Hear Our Howls!

Line-dried sheets of cool

Cotton stretched on a crisp bed,

Near open windows.

Air-dried pair of fresh

Washed skin stretched on cool cotton,

Stroking spines slowly

We have warmed fragrant sheets

Creased and wrinkled crisp corners

Wrapped around and through our thighs

High on ozone, cotton, skin

Let the neighbors hear our howls!