The Art of the Dick Pic: First Thoughts

The Dick Pic is not high art nor should it be but I assert that if you are going to take the time and effort to photograph your penis and send it to someone who will appreciate it, make it a good one. Make it artistic. Since mid-June I have been exploring what makes a dick pick quality by taking thousands of dick pics. Full disclosure, I am a trained photographer but I believe that anyone with a smartphone can begin making quality dick pics right away.

Before we get into my thoughts on creating dick pics, you should know and really let it sink in, that sending a dick pic to someone who doesn’t want it is the same as flashing. It isn’t funny. It’s a crime. Don’t do it. It’s sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and really fucking stupid.

The first thing you need to think about is the same qualities that make all photographs good will certainly make your dick pic good. You need to pay attention to focus, contrast, framing, exposure, color cast, vibrancy, sharpness, etc. If your photo isn’t a successful photo in and of itself, it will fail as a dick pic.

Next, you need to consider your audience. Do they want to see a raging hardon or would they prefer a sweet little nubbin. Maybe all they want to see is a string of cum dripping off the end. Give them what they want.

Photography as art is concerned with seeing light creatively. Photography in non art applications seeks good even lighting but you, because you are seeing light creatively, can use just about any lighting conditions to make a great dick pic. Take the following two examples. One is shot in bright daylight even lighting but it is trite and I forgot about the black socks. The other was shot in a dingy cabin bathroom with only the setting sun coming through one window as lighting. I think you will agree that the second image is the better dick pic.


IMG_2087One final thought. Use your editing software. Many good dick pics could be great with a little cropping and some tweaks.

Have fun but don’t be stupid.

Check out Madeleine Holden’s excellent Tumblr Critique My Dick Pic. It is a delight

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