The Farmboy’s Overalls


I am sore, muscles tight, from push-ups on top of splitting firewood and chores. I feel like the farm boy again so I dressed in his clothes. I am older, yes, but also more magnificent and that, that is delightful.


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24 thoughts on “The Farmboy’s Overalls

  1. I love overalls, have a few pairs myself, they are so comfortable. Oddly enough, my husband thinks I look adorable in them, when I view them as more serviceable. And to see chest hair, and read about being so active, is pretty hot, despite my not finding the clothing itself sexy.

    1. Thanks. So, I am at a gay bar once and I am peeing at the urinal. I am wearing those actual bib overalls. The guy next to me looks over and says, “That’s a big zipper.” I say, “Yup, it’s very functional.” He says, “I bet it is.”

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