The Lick List: Intro

Addie delighted in keeping a list of every time and place Sean’s cock had touched her tongue. She “dropped and popped” his penis into her mouth at every opportunity. The more inappropriate the setting, the better. Sean wasn’t stone-faced but he was pretty good at keeping his cool in those moments when she was hidden, giving his glans a juicy kiss beneath a white table cloth. In those moments when they were exposed though, afforded privacy only by a particular line of sight, his freckled cheeks turned pink. So did his cock as it throbbed, hard as steel, in her mouth.

Even when they were apart, Addie liked to prove that she could still get to him by sending him tit pics, clit pics, and naughty texts. In most cases he loved her attention enough to foolishly leave his phone on vibrate, even during meetings.

On this particular school day he had turned his phone off to deliver his power-point lecture on Japanese poetry. His lecture was going well. Then suddenly the lecture hall began to fill with muffled laughter. He looked carefully at his computer screen, which was being projected on the screen above him. Where he had previously placed a haiku about flowers was now replaced by this erotic haiku.

“Suck your dripping cum
From my rosy tits while you
Finger my pussy.”

Sean, the consummate professional, only blushing slightly, launched into a short description of how this haiku was an excellent example of the type of poem the Oiran, Japanese courtesans, would have used.

After class, Sean walked swiftly to the Dean’s office to lodge a complaint. He breezed passed the Dean’s assistant Sarah and burst into the Dean’s office.

“Addison, how dare you!” he screamed slamming the door behind him.

“Oh hello Sean,” smiled Addie, “Is this how you treat your superiors?”

“You filthy slut,” he growled.

Addie got up in Sean’s face.

“I could have your job for that,” she said fiercely.

“And I could fuck you where you stand,” glared Sean.

“Ooo! Good!” she scrunching her nose into a smile. “Why do you thinking I wore a skirt?”

She bent over and pulled up her skirt showing him her bare ass.

“Oops, did I forget to put on panties? Oh dear,” she smiled coyly.

Addie had Sean’s cock in her mouth before he could move from his spot. Then pulling her skirt up again she bent herself over her desk, assuming the position.

“God, you are a dirty dirty girl.”

“I’m so dirty,” she moaned biting her bottom lip. “What do you do with dirty girls?”

Sean sauntered up to her bare ass then smacked it hard.

“I fuck em,” Sean growled.

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