The Nuzzle

Orgasms are great. Bucking breathy moments moaned make me high.  But give me the nuzzle. Give me that gentle time of silence and stillness and the scent of a woman ripening with every kiss.  Bury my face in the fragrant forest between her thighs. I want to breathe nothing but warm spice, sliding my nose through her hair.

The heat of my breath belies the softness of my lips kissing ever closer, ever closer.  Her water wets my deliberate lip rising on the ridge of her dewy labia.  Saline and fresh, like the sea, her scent has deepened. My lips have drifted down and rising again I spread, sucking what water wells on my tongue. Tenderly, I curl my tongue around her roused clitoris and draw her into my hot and hungry mouth.

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