The Sensual Quickie

Sarah was reading in bed. Jim began to fondle her breasts, growling playfully the way he did when he was up to something.

“Ok,” Sarah said, “But it has to be quick.”

“Why do you always want it quick?” asked Jim

“I like quickies. They’re hot.”


Seeing her quickly and unceremoniously sliding the strap of her cotton night-gown down her shoulder, he stopped her with his hand.

“Let me,” he said.

He stroked her strong shoulder down to her arm. Kissing softly to her throat, over to the other shoulder strap. That strap ceremoniously slid down. He pulled her close and brushed his lips across her chest, ever slowly deeper as the slinking gown slid down, showing more and more of her breasts. She tugged the gown down, sharply, baring her breasts.

“This isn’t quick,” she said.

He squeezed her full breast with his large hand and bit her hard nipple, like she wanted. She moaned sharply. He grated his teeth over her nipple, drawing it out. He attacked the other nipple, drawing it out between his teeth. She pressed him to her breast. His lips surrounded the areola, tongue swirling the nipple in strong pulsing circles. His hands slid the gown over her hips and she playfully wiggled out of it.

“Throw me on the bed,” she breathed in his ear as he worked her earlobe between his lips, his hand combing through her bush.

“Enjoy the seduction,” he breathed into her ear.

“Throw me..on..the..fucking bed,” she whispered, nuzzling his cheek. Sliding her mouth down to bite his lip.

They landed heavy on the bed. Too heavy. Comically heavy, nearly falling off of the bed. When the giggles had subsided he was crouched above her, softly feasting on her lips. She savagely bit his bottom lip, pulling him down. She released him and nursed the tender lip with a soft wet kiss. His fingers were deep in her pussy. She wet his cock with her juice and stroked him in time with his fingering. Quickly she came a little but he would not let her rest, stacking sensation, building to the next. He bit at her nipples, sucking them sharp. His mouth slid to her inner thighs, biting kissing sucking deeper and deeper. And then he held her hips like a large slice of watermelon and took her all in, drinking her juice as it ran into his mouth with each deliberate swirl of his tongue. When she could move again, she took his cock in her mouth, sucked it a few hard times.

Breathless, she moaned, “If you want it. Take it!” Sucking and biting at his nipples.

He pushed her legs to her chest and pounded her pussy.

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