The Sexiest Thing I Can Think Of Right Now

Blowjob..duh. Or eating pussy. It’s oral all the time up here. 

Ok, dig deep. Digggg deeeP!

Nope, road head. Back to a bj. 

I see a sweet cab ride at the end of a day in the city together. They live in the city, it a little flat they barely afford, but they got enough left today for Chinese takeout. Sitting on the old hardwoods in their underpants, they share egg rolls, lomein and General Tso’s Chicken. They are hungry and thoroughly enjoying this treat meal. A drop of sweet and sour plops on her bare thigh. She curses but he thinks it’s cute. He looks at the pink spot, then looking her eyes, grins. She narrows her eyes, cocking her head to the side. He lays and licks, from the bottom of her thigh to the top. Then drifting down to where the sauce was, sucked. His soft lips drifted over, kissing the warm crotch of her underpants. 

“I think you got it. Thank you,” she smiled. 

“You are very welcome,” he said, still nuzzling her crotch. 

She shifted, uncomfortable. 

“Aren’t you still hungry?”

“I’m very hungry,” he said looking up at her. 

“Then why don’t you finish eat… Oh.”

“Do you want me to stop?”he asked, sucking her fragrant panties into his mouth. 

“ don’t want my food to get cold,” she said grimacing. 

He looked her deep in the eyes then slid his tongue into her panties, licking the length of her vulva. She let out a tiny little moan. 

“Could my noodles while you, um, eat me?” She asked smiling sheepishly. 

“Hell yes!” He smiled.

She lit up with excitement and let out a “yay!” before putting on her best regal voice to say, “proceed.” 

Her panties we off and his mouth was on her.

“This is fucking great!” She yelled with her mouth full of lomein. 

“MmHm,” he hummed into her pussy, while tenderly sucking her clit.

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