The Sharp Prick


The feel of clippers against his head had left his scalp warm and tingly. She ran her hand over his head. He shivered. Her tank top had points that brushed against his arm as she inspected his work. She didn’t miss a beat, squeezing the erection that she had made. He moaned. Her fingers slid through his thick beard, then yanked it down until her lips were against his ear.

“You know what I miss?” she said, “I miss the sharp prick of your whiskers on my pussy when you come at me with that hungry mouth.”

“Yeah?” he said, “what else do you miss?”

“I miss the whisker burn on my thighs that reminds me that you just can’t get enough of my pussy.”

“MmHm,” he grinned, “you know I can’t get enough. Anything else you miss?”

She pulled a kiss from his bottom lip.

“I miss the feeling of your skin on my skin when our mouthes are hot and wet together.”

He smiled and handed her the clippers. Her eyes lit up as she clicked them on, making quick work of his mustache.

“Mm,” she moaned, “there’s that lip.”

IMG_0158-8His hand was deep inside her panties, making it very hard for her to concentrate, but she was determined. She stopped only once, when he flicked his fingertip rapidly but softly against her clit. Quickly his beard was reduced to a small goatee. She turned off the clippers and admired her work. He picked her up suddenly and planted her on the vanity, stripping her panties as he slid his hands down her thighs. He looked up at her with his soft blue eyes and his rough face. There was a slight smile on his lips. Her abdomen tightened, knowing what was coming. The low rumble in his chest vibrated her vulva as he knelt between her knees, grabbed her ass, and filled his mouth with her pussy. She threw her head back and gasped.

“God yes! ..Fuuuck!” she groaned.

He bit her inner thighs, leaving marks, in between devastating tongue barrages on her vulva. After the initial show of teeth, he softened, surrounding her clit with his strong lips. He sucked her in pulses while his soft juicy tongue swirled atop her clit in a figure eight.

She was still gasping for breath when she pulled him up by his ears, then viciously sucked his wet lips.

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    1. Thank you Molly. The post was inspired by that photo. The two shots on my “proof sheet” just after this one were a little too sweet. I am glad I went with this one. Thanks again.

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