The Towel Goes Down. Then You Do.

Sarah and Jim spent their holiday apart, seeing friends. Toward the end of the week they met at her family’s cottage near Lake Michigan. He found her chasing small cousins on the lawn. She spotted him and ran quickly into his arms. There was love in their eyes and heat in their mouths.

“Let’s go for a drive,” she said.

He stroked her bare knee and thigh and smiled as she spoke of the week’s adventures. They arrived at the lake.

“Grab a towel,” she said.

“Oh? You going in?”

“Maybe,” she said.

They walked through the dunes barefoot for a few minutes while holding hands and kissing sweetly. She stopped suddenly at the bottom of a bowl of sand and sunk her hand in his pants. Pulling his mouth onto hers. She dropped his zipper and knelt to lick the outline of his glans. She stopped for moment while sucking his head in and out like a large lollie.

“Give me the condom,” she breathed out.

“What condom?” he asked dreamily.

“What!?” she said, her mouth full.

She stood up, glaring in his eyes.

“You should always come prepared. Always!”

“I-I didn’t know.”

“What did you think we were doing here?”

She leaned into his ear and whispered, “I’m not wearing any underwear.”

She stepped back lifting her skirt to show him. He swallowed hard.

“I really really want a condom right now.”

“Yeah you do,” she said pacing angrily.

She blew a long stream of breath out, relaxing.

“Ok, Baby, ok, it’s ok, I just need you so bad,” she said.

He nodded, his face tortured. She held the back of his head and pressed her forehead to his. She blew out another long cleansing breath.

She whispered, “The towel goes down. Then you do. Don’t fucking tease. Just give it to me until I tell you to stop. Ok?”

He nodded and did as he was told. He dispensed with seduction and gave her clit the deep hot sucking kisses he usually reserved for her mouth. He only deviated when, in between orgasms, she was too sensitive to take it.

Sarah and Jim walked hand in hand through the sand dunes then drove toward the cottage in silence.

“Was that a camp store?” she asked.

“Yes it fucking was,” he said whipping an illegal u-turn.

“Be right back,” he beamed at her.

Condom in hand they ran as fast as they could into the woods behind the store. Going as deep as they thought decency demanded. No sooner was the rubber on, that her leg was hooked behind his ass. And breathless, they banged against a big pine tree.

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