The Weight Of Perception

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The Grumpy Gardener

I bought a bathroom scale from a thrift store last Saturday and made the mistake of reading the reviews online. It’s a Weight Watchers branded scale but the Weight Watchers community hates it. They hate it because it remembers what you weigh from the first weigh in and shows you that same weight until you gain or lose more than two pounds. I understand wanting a scale that works every time with precision but I don’t understand getting pissed off at a scale that has a margin of error that is less than two pounds. Two pounds is nothing. I am technically 76 pounds overweight so two pounds either way won’t make or break me. I have never cared about the number on the scale, only whether the efforts I am making show improvement. I care if the composition of my body prevents me from doing what I want and seriously effects my health.

Image 2
Hey Girl. You like denim?

In the same way, I know that my portrait is not a definitive document of my true self. It is a snap-shot, a temporary reading, a momentary perception. Understanding that photography is perception and not fact can help a lot in improving your view of yourself.  Take the following series of photos. I didn’t like how I was shown in the first photo so I changed attire and location. Those two changes instantly made for more confident images. You will notice that as I continue to make portraits, I am more and more happy with the result and consequently making better images. By the time I get to the smolder, I am fully owning my sexiness and it shows in my face. I am still the same person and the equipment is the same but how I feel about myself and how I present myself, has changed.

Image 3
I’m most self-conscious about my giant areolas. Here they are in all their pink splendor!
Image 4
This is my sexy face. If I flash this face your way, you are in for a good time.



Image 5
This is what I look like after sex. Yes, the cap is necessary.








Image 6
The Smolder. Need I say more?
Image 7
Gratuitous blue eyes. Hey there!
Image 8
Here we find my new author photo. I am vintage as fuck.
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7 thoughts on “The Weight Of Perception

  1. I absolutely love this post and love the series of photos. Before I even started reading, seeing the image at the top I found myself staring into your eyes. You are an attractive man! That’s definitely my favorite photo of the lot, but the gratuitous blue eyes is a close second!

    Rebel xox

    1. Oh Marie, thank you. Thank you so much for asking me to contribute. I hope this week is better than the last for you. You are a great and beautiful force. I am happy to know you.

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