These Red Lips

My good friend and fellow erotic poet Victory In Trouble recently wrote the poem Immersed which is super sexy. In gratitude I have written this.

These Red Lips

Let me trace the shape of your lips with my tender tongue tip
As we breathe one breath and tremble intoxicated.
I draw the heat of your mouth into my own,
Heat teasing my tongue until it is wet with anticipation.

Let me suck the sweetness from your pink pouting lips
As I softly sip your top lip then drop to suck the bottom.
I draw out the succulent flesh of your lip with careful teeth
Emitting a pleasured moan, which you echo, when you are inside.

With a growl and the tilt of your head you take my lips
As you force me against wall and breathing heat into my mouth
You part my lips with your urgent tongue.
I suck you. I drink you. I draw you in but you are not done.

My knees grow weak when the violence of your advance
Melts into the gentle sucking sweetness of a kiss that clouds the mind,
Fills the senses, as soft tongues slide tenderly intertwined
While our moist soft lips slide and stick together in relaxed reciprocity.

33 thoughts on “These Red Lips

  1. Ok, I’m back.
    Mr. Eugene Noale, you have beautiful lips. And that hint of tongue… mmm
    But your words…and the scene that plays out in this poem, holy shit. It is so hot!
    Imma be thinking of something hot enough to match this. You really know how to bring it!

    1. Thank you Ms. Victory. It looks like I am wearing lipstick doesn’t it? 🙂 I am glad I could keep you warm tonight. I look forward to your response but to be honest the fact that your sexy mind is thinking of something that could specifically make me really damn hot! I hope you have a nice night.

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