Tongue-Lashed Nipples

Jim couldn’t remember how long it had been since he and Sarah had made love but it was clear from her tattered cotton panties. Sex was off the menu. Spooning her in the dark he slowly caressed her side-boob, immense hunger growing in him. He lobbed a Hail Mary pass.

Whispering, “I want to kiss your breasts. They fill me with immense longing.”

She turned to her back.

His breath caught in his throat but quickly it was hot on her flesh. Kissing the outer softness of her ample curves. As he worked toward the nipple, his lips nibbled, his tongue tip flicked. His mouth inched across her skin, sliding his tongue around hardening nipple, like a paddle, then down sucking on the supple under skin. He kissed his way to the other breast. His hand full, tenderly nibbling and licking her in a spiral. His hot tongue pulled her nipple fully into his mouth and drew it out, sucking strong. Her breathing deepened. Her high little moans became baritones. Her hips rose off of the bed each time he sucked.

Halfway back to the other, she breathed out, “Bite it. Give it a tongue-lashing.”

His moist open mouth pulled her flesh beyond his teeth, then as it slid out his teeth bore down, grating, stretching her nipple. Her hips humped the air as he held her nipple between his teeth and tongue-lashed it. A guttural moan erupted from her throat. His mouth was wet on her breasts. Tongue bathing every inch but the tips. Biting, licking her into a frenzy. Making her wait. Making her beg with moans sharp and urgent. He sucked her. Drawing her nipples into his throat, letting them slid out through his teeth, then back in lashing the tip with his hot swirling tongue. She pulled his hand from her breast and slid it into her panties. Pressed it on her pussy. He spread her. Slowly massaging her wet clit. Tongue mirroring the motion of his fingers. She came, quickly, shaking, squeezing her thighs together, pressing his hand hard into her pussy. Onto her parched mouth, he pressed his plump moist lips. She forced her tongue against his. Drew his into her mouth and sucked, sucked until her mouth was wetted. She was spent, sleepily receiving his soft kisses and gentle tongue. He swept her up in his arms, pressing her tight to his chest and together they drifted off to sleep.

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