Velvet Within

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“Velvet,” he whispered, fingering his own nipple, a drying pool of cum beside him in bed.

“I don’t know why there aren’t more celibates, just because of the mess,” she said.

He wasn’t listening, not really.

“Isn’t it grand,” he said, “Skin to skin. My passion bursting inside you, filling you.”

“It’s sticky,” she said, “It’s gross. And, and..everywhere.”

“That’s sex,” he smiled.

She shook her head and left the room.

He didn’t know why that night was THE night, but after three long years she suggested they do it without a condom. His mind reached back trying to remember what it felt like but it had been so long.

He rushed through foreplay, jumpstarting her with a good wet blow. His tongue slid up the thin edges of her labia, dropping to her slit, then feathering back up. When her inner warmth had wet his lips, he spread her labia with a slow flat tongue. He licked her all the way to her clit, wetting the length of her. He drew her wetness up and around, lubricating the whole of her labia as his fingers stroked inside her. Then with sucking kisses he bore down on her clit, sucking a shuddered orgasm from her, lifting her butt clean off of the bed. He kissed her breasts, her face tenderly. Slowly fingering the outline of her labia. Then, quite awkwardly, he rubbed his cock head against her clit, coating it in her slick. It took but a moment to abandon the tease and slip inside her. Adjustments were made but then, then he pulled back and thrust slowly, deeply inside her. His skin on her skin, sliding sensually together. It felt like velvet. Like his cock was wrapped in velvet. His heart ached and he barely breathed. There was no waiting for her warmth to penetrate rubber. He felt her heat. He felt her pulse. He felt her gripping beautiful muscles welcoming him home. He was sure he would explode that moment.

When he did cum it wasn’t a furious pounding for sensation. It was all sensation. Sensually grinding against her. Feeling his cock twist in the grip of her kegels. He didn’t want it to end. But the burning, head swirling inevitability was fast approach. He moved inside her in long strokes until his rhythm crumbled and pressing his forehead to hers, he cried out. She wrapped her arms around him and held him inside as long as she could.

He looked down at the space between them. His cock was flushed, the skin swollen, the way a stallion looks when he’s done his work. Their sticky mixture slowly ran in a cloudy line, over her asshole and pooled on the bed. Seeing that made him hard again but she was already cleaning up. He laid back in bed, fingering his nipple, trying to commit her velvet to memory.

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  1. I enjoyed your description of how you felt and what she felt like inside. I enjoyed your thoughts too . WOW!!! . But why did your lover not adore the mess of sex?? I find that very erotic…..

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