Viciously Sucking Your Tender Throat

IMG_0291 1I let your hair down, pulling each pin with the utmost care, piling them here on the counter. I slid my fingertips along the curve of your scalp. You moaned sweetly, the fingertips of my other hand sliding inside your warm panties. Then tenderly I wound your long locks around and around two fingers, to your scalp. You shrieked when I wrenched your head back. I viciously sucked your tender throat. Your clit hardened beneath my rough rubbing fingers. I unwound your curls from my tight grasp. Your intense eyes met mine. You set your jaw and slapped me across the face. My fingers dug into you. You moaned. Before I could say, “On your knees,” you were there, drawing your teeth the length of my shaft and sucking my cock so, so damn hard. With just a finger beneath you chin, you rose, bent, and pushed your round ass into my aching cock. And we fucked. Dear God we fucked. You whimpered each time my thick cock slammed into your pussy. So fast, so excruciating, I came, crying out, as you had in pain. Then trembling, my shoulders sank, as I whispered over and over, “thank you, thank you, thank you.” You licked your thumb and cleaned the crusted blood from my lip.

“Lay down,” I commanded.

“No, I don’t need it,” you said, softly shaking your head.

“Please,” I pleaded.

You laid on the cold granite and let me carefully clean my seed and sweat from your skin. My warm tongue cleaned your clit, your lips, every crevice of your pink soft sex with my tender wet. Then I set my mouth upon your clit, drawing an orgasm from your loins that shook the kitchen counter. A second quickly followed, spurred by soft sucking kisses.

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15 thoughts on “Viciously Sucking Your Tender Throat

  1. Thanks Vic. I thought you would like that. It came from the same place as Burn Me Down. Man fluids and woman fluids are just a delicious part of the whole sticky sexy thing. They are particularly delicious when tasted together.

      1. Yes, The Taste of Me On You. I love that poem, I do. Oral sex is so intimate and to then have their warm dewy face pressed yours, their soft moist lips plumped from pleasuring you, the smell of you fresh on their skin, and the taste of your very orgasm. It is an unmatched pleasure, never to be missed.

    1. Thank you so much. I am happy to be here. Thank you for accepting my link today. I really like the lists prompt. I used to collect discarded shopping lists but those lists aren’t very sexy. Thanks!

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