Ward Gets Pegged

“Do you like what I’ve done with the beds dear?” asked Ward removing his pajamas.

“Oh yes Dear,” said June nude atop the joined twin beds. “You’ll have to move them back when we are done. I’m not strong enough to move these big beds myself,” she said rubbing her clit aggressively.

“Of course Dear. It’s men’s work,” he said, naked and stroking his hard cock rapidly.

“Yes Dear,” she said sliding her fingers rapidly inside her pussy. Twisting her nipple.

Ward slid his leather belt from his trouser loops and handed it to June. She stalked around him snapping the leather together in sharp cracks. She brought leather hard against his ass then spit in her hand. She left a mark in his other cheek then spit in her hand. She slid the leather up his spine until he was leaned forward then popped a slippery finger into his asshole.

“I am taking the boys fishing this Saturday,” said Ward, stoking his cock as June pumped his asshole with two slippery fingers.

“That will be nice for you boys,” she said, washing her hands. She looked in the mirror. “Perhaps I will get my hair done while you boys are fishing.”

“That sounds swell Dear,” said Ward.

June knelt before his rosy hard cock, mouth open. She whipped his upper thigh. He fucked her throat.

“Dear?” said June. She whipped him. He fucked her throat. “Do you like my hair?”

Crack. Fuck.

“Why yes, of course. Don’t you? asked Ward.

“I’m just not sure,” she said, sitting on the edge of bed.

June’s thighs were spread wide. She had made the belt into a leash and collar around Ward’s neck. She pulled hard on the leash and he crawled forward until he was licking her vulva.

“Maybe I will have Elaine give me one of those modern bobs,” said June, panting and twisting her nipples.

“That sounds just lovely Dear,” said Ward, looking up.

June pulling his leash tight, pressing his face to her pussy. He tongued her clit to a rapid orgasm. When she had caught her breath she brought a small box from the closet. She strapped on the harness, gave the dildo a generous greasing of lube, then plunged into Ward’s waiting anus.

“Ah!,” Ward moaned, “I am thinking of buying a new car.”

“Oh,” she said, pounding his ass, “see something you like?”

“Those new Chevrolets are quite flashy,” he said, furiously stroking his cock.

“I hope not too flashy,” she said, offering the reach around, “we are not flashy people Ward.”

“It’s..A..nEW..eRAaaaa…June,” he moaned as he came on the hardwood.

“I suppose,” she said, washing the dildo in the sink.

June turned on the shower then walked over to Ward and kissed him on the cheek.

“Don’t forget to put the beds back Dear,” she said, walking to the bathroom.

June stopped and pointed to the puddle of jizz.

“Oh, and mop that shit up,” smiled June.

“Yes Dear,” said Ward.


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