Woolly Breast


Last week for Sinful Sunday both Eye and I bared our nipples. She showed her whole breast in a stylized image that was restrained in color where as mine was restrained in flesh but full color. She challenged me to create my version of her image. You can find her original image HERE.

Now, I’m not saying my image and hers are siblings but there is definitely some family resemblance, stylistically, especially the hand position. Right now, open her image in a separate window and look at them side by side. She should be on the right. You might get a little tickle in your brain because it wants these two breasts to be one chest despite overwhelming evidence that they are not from the same body.

One thing I didn’t intend but absolutely love about this image, is the contrast in tone between my weathered tanned hand and my pale smooth skin. My favorite part of the image though, are the little shadows beneath the pinkie and ring fingers that indicate that they are tenderly pressing into soft skin. This isn’t just an image of a dude squeezing his tit. In some very accessible ways, this is an image of two men who love each other very much.

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  1. I really love it when bloggers challenge and inspire one another. I think it is a very cool part of this community that I am very proud of


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