You Got Your Black Tanga On

You enter my ether like the bristling
Crackle of a chromed socket,
Sliding down the electrified baling wire
I got wound round my diddley bo.

You cut your way inside me,
Slicing like a spotlight in my mind
“Foxy Lady,” you’re comin to git me
With that Jimi Hendrix trillin
Killin me quickly
With your Stratocaster shaken,
Snakin across the floor with
That ass, that sass, those hips,
Lips plump enough to suck for dear life.

You got your hair swept forward,
Slinkin to me, sliding your cami up ya
I’m about to jump ya when you turn
And burn me with your black and
Lacy tanga, cutting your juicy cheeks,
As they speak to me in soft bass tones.
Ba Boom Boom Boom Boom,
Swayin that lacy booty to me
Like a Led Zeppelin bass
Walkin “Dazed and Confused,”
You stalkin me with that glide
Exuding sex with every stride

I can’t hide how wet I get
When you find me in my mind
And leave me stripped and shaken.

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